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Pad of Definitions

Folkloric creatures, thought to be the re-animated corpses of human beings and said to live on human or animal blood. They often have unnatural powers and the ability to physically transform.

Pad of Definitions (1.20 Dead Man's Blood), Official Website

Powers and Abilities

Appearances and specific Attributes in Supernatural

1.20 Dead Man's Blood

Elderly hunter Daniel Elkins attracts the attention of a group of Vampires, led by Kate, who follow him home and kill him after a struggle. They take the Colt from him and Kate presents it to her mate and patriarch, Luther. The vampires live in an old barn where they capture tourists and feed on them, turning one such victim into one of their own. Their nest is invaded by the Winchesters and Kate is lured after them, only to be captured and infected with Dead Man's Blood. John Winchester used her as a bargaining chip to force Luther to hand over the Colt, after which the vampires tried to kill John and his two sons. But John shot Luther with the Colt, proving the legend that it can kill anything.

Facts revealed:

  • Vampires in Supernatural are not killed with a stake, but must be decapitated.
  • Sun is not extremely harmful but is unpleasant and they prefer to sleep during the day.
  • They are affected or slowed with Dead Man's Blood.
  • Vampires are rare (John had thought they were extinct) because they have been hunted intensively.
  • They live in packs and mate for life.
  • Apparently Supernatural vampires are long-lived and possibly immortal. Luther, the leader of the pack in this episode, has been around since the early 1800.
  • In contrast to popular lore, vampires in Supernatural do not need an invitation to enter a home.
  • They have sharp, pointed, retractable teeth that emerge from their gums and extend beyond their human teeth.

2.03 Bloodlust

Sam Winchester is captured by a group of vampires who have sworn off human prey and have chosen to feed on cattle instead, but they are still living in fear of being hunted. Their matriarch, Lenore, wishes for Sam to go back to his brother and the hunter Gordon Walker and ward them off hunting her kin. Gordon refuses to do so, however, and discovers the nest and tortures Lenore with Dead Man's Blood to prove to the Winchesters that all vampires are monsters. Lenore resists her bloodlust despite his methods of temptation. The Winchesters turn against Gordon and free Lenore, having seen her resilience.

Facts revealed:

  • Vampires are apparently potentially capable of resisting the urge to feed from humans, and can live off cattle blood, as Lenore and her group do. However, this is unpleasant for them and "disgusting."

3.07 Fresh Blood

A vampire called Dixon has been infecting young blonde women with vampirism in the hopes of rebuilding his lost family and repopulating the vampire species. One of his girls is caught and interrogated by the Winchesters, putting them on his trail. However, the timely arrival of a vengeful Gordon prevents them from pursuing Dixon, who later incapacitates the hunter and turns him into a vampire as punishment for the vampires he'd killed in the past. Gordon murders Dixon's girls, driving Dixon to despair and apathy when the Winchesters find his lair (it is implied they killed him). Gordon proceeded to continue his hunt for Sam and set a trap for the brothers, infecting another woman to work as a distraction while he attacked Sam. Gordon was subsequently decapitated in the fight.

Facts revealed:

  • Dixon converts young women into vampires by feeding them his blood under the pretense it is a recreational drug. It is administered either with an eyedropper or in a drink.
  • When Gordon becomes a vampire, we get to see how a vampire experiences the world - with enhanced hearing and sight, meaning he can see in the dark, but is also extremely sensitive to light. His sense of smell is so good he can use it to locate the shop Dean visited to buy his cell phone.

4.05 Monster Movie

In this episode, the Winchester brothers begin their supernatural investigation by looking into some vampire attacks. However, the "vampire" turns out to be a shapeshifter who disguises himself as classic horror movie monsters.

5.03 Free To Be You And Me

Dean decapitates a vampire on the hood of the Impala, quoting: "Eat it Twilight!"