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From the Pad of Definitions

From 1.20 Dead Man's Blood (episode)

Folkloric creatures, thought to be the re-animated corpses of human beings and said to live on human or animal blood. They often have unnatural powers and the ability to physically transform.

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Screencap from 2.03 Bloodlust (episode). The vampire Lenore, played by Amber Benson. Vampire teeth extended when provoked with blood.

Vampires appear in:

1.20 Dead Man's Blood (episode)

The vampires in Supernatural are not killed with a stake, but must be decapitated. Sun is not directly harmful but they do not stand directly under the rays and sleep during the day. They are affected or slowed with Dead Man's Blood.

Vampires are rare because they have been hunted intensively. They live in packs and mate for life.

In contrast to popular lore, vampires in Supernatural can enter a home without invitation.

They own a full set of sharp, pointed, retractable teeth that emerge from their gums and extend beyond their human teeth.

2.03 Bloodlust (episode)

Vampires are apparently potentially capable of successfully resisting the urge to feed from humans, and can live off cattle blood, as Lenore and her group do.