Van Ness House

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Welcome to the Van Ness House.

The Van Ness House was built in Bodega Bay, California in 1862 by Miles Van Ness who made his money in the gold rush. Miles' son Whitman Van Ness lost the family fortune, including the house, in the early 1900s. At various times the house was later used as a brothel, a boarding house, a school, and a speakeasy (which is why it has a secret room).


7.19 Of Grave Importance

Placed on a "one of the most haunted houses in America" list, the house attracts the attentions of a series of teenagers who are subsequently killed by the ghost of Whitman Van Ness. Whitman would then absorb the souls of the trapped spirits to increase his own powers. Sam, Dean and the ghosts of Bobby Singer and Annie Hawkins, who was killed investigating the house, solve the mystery of the house and find the bodies of the ghosts and put them to rest after Sam and Dean salt and burn Van Ness' corpse, ending the haunting.