Wendy Hanscum

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Name Wendy Hanscum
Actor Sarah Dugdale
Dates April 13, 1999 (born)
Location Hibbing, Minnesota
Episode(s) 13.11 Breakdown


Wendy Hanscum is the 19-year-old niece of Sheriff Donna Hanscum. According to her license she was born on April 13, 1999, and is 5'6 and weighs 114 lb. She is socially aware and anti-guns (based on the LGBT pride t-shirt she is wearing, and her bumper stickers).

A recent high school graduate, Wendy was on a gap year traveling the United States.


13.11 Breakdown

Stopping at Manny’s Truck Stop Café outside Oshkosh, Nebraska, Wendy is forced to go inside to pay for gas due to the machine rejecting her card. Inside she is unsettled by the cashier, Marlon, and quickly leaves once the gas is paid for. Down the road Wendy is forced to pull over due to a flat tire, finding a metal object as the cause of the flat. Seeing a truck coming down the road, Wendy attempts to flag it down for help, to no avail. Suddenly she is met by a large masked man who attacks her and drags a pleading Wendy away.

Tied to a chair with a hood over head, Wendy is frightened by the Harvester upon the hood being removed. Her pleas for help are mocked by the Harvester who sets up a video camera and motions for her to smile as she continues her cries for help.

Wendy is later seen by Sam, Dean, Donna, and Doug on the monster auction site as her left foot is being bid on for harvesting. When the four finally track Wendy's location down, Donna is able to find her hanging in a room, her left foot being prepared for removal. The Harvester arrives, however, and fight ensues between him and Donna, with Donna being able to gain the upper hand and kill him, saving Wendy.


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