Whitman Van Ness

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Whitman Van Ness.jpg
Name Whitman Van Ness
Actor Antonio Cupo
Dates October 16, 1895 – November 14, 1935
2012 (spirit laid to rest by Sam & Dean Winchester)
Location Bodega Bay, California
Occupation Ghost
Serial Killer
Episode(s) 7.19 Of Grave Importance


Whitman Van Ness was the son and heir to Miles Van Ness who built the Van Ness House. He lost the family fortune, and then the house. He killed his fiancée on the night before their wedding, and a number of women who worked at the house when it was a brothel, for which he framed Dexter O'Connell, whom he later killed. He died at the age of 40, and continued to haunt the house, killing many people over the decades. He gained strength from the souls trapped in the house. When he burned the bones of someone he had killed, he could absorb their energy.


7.19 Of Grave Importance

Hunter Annie Hawkins is investigating a series of disappearances of teenagers, that center around the Van Ness House in Bodega Bay, California. While investigating the house, a ghost called Victoria, leaves a message via EVP on her phone. Later, Annie calls Sam and Dean suggesting they meet so she can give them Bobby's books. She returns to the house, and is killed by Whitman Van Ness, although Dexter O'Connell tries to warn her off.

Two more teenagers enter the house and are killed, and when Dexter tries to intervene, Whitman attacks him and absorbs his soul. Annie asks Victoria to explain what is happening, and she explains that Whitman kills people who enters the house, and each soul he traps in the house makes him stronger. He later kills Victoria when she tries to help Annie and Bobby communicate with Sam and Dean.

Sam and Dean leave the house to burn Whitman's bones, but Whitman places a key in Sam's pocket, which allows him to travel with them. He tries to crash their car, but they manage to escape. He attacks Sam, but Dean dispels him with a salt shotgun blast which sends him back to the house.

Whitman is attacking Bobby when Sam and Dean burn Whitman's bones and vanquish him.