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Wes Mondale creates a wishing well in 4.08 Wishful Thinking by tossing a Babylonian coin depicting the chaos deity Tiamat into the fountain at Lucky Chin's restaurant. No one but the first wisher can remove the coin from the bottom of the fountain, which then reverses the granted wishes. Anyone who makes a wish at the well gets their wish granted, though it invariably turns bad in a short amount of time. In the past, whole towns have been destroyed when too many people were granted their wishes by the cursed coin.

Among those who receive wishes in Concrete, Washington, are:

  • Wes Mondale, who wishes for Hope Lynn Casey to love him more than anything; she becomes obsessed with him.
  • George Neuman, who wins the lottery; later, the ticket is proved to be fake.
  • Audrey Elmer, who wishes for her Teddy Bear to come to life as an enormous playmate; it becomes aggressive, depressed and suicidal.
  • Audrey's parents, who wish for a trip to Bali; it is assumed that they're returned to their home when Wes Mondale retrieves his coin. They're depicted with sunburns, probably because after wishing that they were in Bali, the well teleported them to that location without warning and they were unprepared, hence the sunburns.
  • Todd, who wishes for super-strength so he can fend off bullies; however he attacks Dean too.
  • Hope, who wishes for no one to end her love for Wes; Sam is struck by lightning and presumably killed.
  • Dean wished for a sub; he later gets food poisoning.
Todd at the wishing well.
Screenshot of the coin minted by the priests of Tiamat.