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Name Wraith
Actor Lara Gilchrist
Dates The first Wraith was witnessed in 2010 by both Sam and Dean Winchester
Location no fixed address, last seen at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric;

One wraith named Karla was killed and ultimately stopped by Dean.

Occupation Wraith
Episode(s) 5.11 Sam, Interrupted

Wraith Info

According to hunter Martin Creaser they "crack open skulls and feed on brain juice". They can pass as human but their true form is revealed in a mirror.

In 5.11 Sam, Interrupted, the wraith is disguised as a nurse called Kara. It amplified a person's insanity to make the brain produce more chemicals like dopamine, which it likes to feed on. She feeds on the brain through a thin pointed protrusion that emerges from her wrist which she inserts into the brain.

  • Wraiths can be killed with Silver

Trivia: Lara Gilchrist also appeared in 1.11 Scarecrow.